Real Estate Team Spotlight: Erin Cobb

"We get so granular with predictive data and actually help people have assurance that the site they picked will be the right one."


Say hello to Erin Cobb, Directors of Real Estate at Locate. Erin has experience executing deals from Long Island to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Having previously worked in marketing and communications, Erin has always had an eye for leveraging data to identify opportunities and innovative solutions.

Watch Erin’s interviews and keep reading to learn how Locate’s technology gives her a leg up in the industry with developing connections and growing long-term relationships.

Why did Locate standout as a top brokerage firm?

I’m a researcher. If I have a question I need to answer I just go get all the facts. I had already vetted other companies and decided that Locate had the best tech. I saw that they were years ahead of where anyone else was…. in terms of thinking about the pain points in commercial real estate, what realtors need, and trying to solve problems that people have been having forever. Having a marketing background and a data science background, I knew what was possible in other industries and was really excited to see someone doing it in commercial real estate.

How is Locate Changing the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

I knew what people were doing with marketing long before they were bringing it to commercial real estate. I was always frustrated that we never had the same tools because I knew A.I. and mobile data was being used. Marketing is always on the forefront of that.

I was so happy when I found that it was happening for commercial real estate too because we could get so granular with predictive data and actually help people have assurance that the site they picked would be the right one. Because a lot is on the line, if we can pinpoint this for you or the people who want your service, it’s a win for you and it’s a win for them. We’re kinda doing a service to the community too, right? Cause we’re placing business in the place where people want to be.

What does it mean to have a site forecasting model customized for your brand by Locate? 

We customize our product to the retailer, landlorder, or investor. We’re giving them something that is tailored to them. We’re also accessing the most mobile data of any company. We have more than 180 million cellphones that we can monitor to show a brand its customer profiles. 

It’s customization, more data, better data, and a better experience. That’s what this business is about. There is the data part and it’s super important, but having really good connections and relationships with people is really what this is all about. The tech helps us make informed decisions with those relationships. It’s an art and a science.

Why did you become a broker for Locate?

I actually had my own marketing consulting firm. That was my background until a client convinced me that commercial real estate was something I needed to try. I had been providing marketing services for that client and I ended up really liking commercial real estate. If a business doesn’t have the right location then all the dominos fall at some point, right? 

What Locate can do that is so special is tell you who your customer type is by geo-fencing all your stores. We can tell you that “your type of people” are walking by or driving by the potential site, which is so much more valuable.”

More About Erin

Erin Cobb is a CRE artist, data nerd, and a strategic guru who surprises and delights clients (and sometimes herself) with her creative point of view and innovative solutions. Integrity, Honesty and Confidentiality are her guiding stars.

With a strong portfolio of Master Broker, Regional and Local clients, Erin has learned that effective communication and understanding individual needs is key. She draws on her former career in Marketing and Communications, working with clients from fortune 100 global corporations to tech startups, to bring a creative analytical approach to negotiations. 

Based in Nashville and married to a Saxophonist who plays with an impressive list of renowned and emerging artists, you might catch Erin at a concert or two, slipping backstage. Erin grew up in Chicago where she has roots in the restaurant industry that made her a life long foodie who will try anything once.

Locate is a tech-enabled retail brokerage that analyzes over 180 million anonymous mobile devices to help retailers understand their customers and their behavior. To learn more about our data-driven site selection process, get in touch with us here.


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